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Axis Deer Hunts & Turkey Season – Spring Hunting in Texas

Spring time in South Texas is a beautiful time of year.  All the trees and flowers are blooming.  There are bluebonnets everywhere.  The weather is very mild and pleasant, the Rio Grande Turkeys are gobbling and most of the axis deer are growing their antlers.  It’s an awesome time to be in the woods and the best time for axis deer hunts.

Turkey Season Starts

Turkey season starts this weekend and we will be outside of George West chasing turkeys come Saturday morning.  With all the rain and warm days that South Texas has had over the last few months the brush country has never looked better.  The grass is knee high and there are wildflowers and bluebonnets blooming all over.  We have been seeing turkeys strutting and drumbing all day long and they have really been gobbling the last few mornings.  We are hunting a ranch that gets very little hunting pressure and I’m really looking forward to getting out this weekend and trying to call in some of those big gobblers we have been seeing.

Axis Deer Hunts Texas

Axis Deer Hunts - First Axis Spring is really prime time to go hunting in Texas – Axis deer are in season and we’ve got some great axis deer this year.  You can find axis deer with hard horns year around, but spring and summer is typically the best time to find the biggest axis deers during axis deer hunts.  If you have never hunted exotics in Texas you are really missing out and should give it a try.  It’s a great way to extend you hunting season, hone your shooting skills, and take home some great trophies.

Scarlet, 9 years old, shot this great axis deer during her spring break just outside of Boerne, TX.  She made a great shot with a 257 Roberts and he only went about 25 yards.  Congrats Scarlet!!  Thats a great axis buck!!!!

Summer is really the best time for axis deer hunts, but if as axis are an exotic, you can hunt them pretty much year round. Click here for more info about my exotic hunts.

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