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Best Blackbuck Hunting in Texas

Blackbuck hunting in Texas is becoming more and more popular and if you’re looking for a great trophy blackbuck you’ve come to the right place!  I hunt blackbuck antelope on several different ranches in the Hill Country.  All of these ranches consistently produce trophy blackbuck that averages in the 18-20” (straight tape) range, with the occasional 22’- 23” blackbuck hitting the ground.  November through February is typically the best time to find the darkest blackbuck, but since blackbuck are horned animals (not antlers, so they don’t shed) and there is no closed season, you can find good trophies 12 months out of the year.

Most of my blackbuck antelope hunting is done by a combination of safari style hunting and spot and stalk hunting, but I will also hunt out of blinds as necessary.

Blackbuck Hunting Texas – Who is this hunt for:

Blackbuck antelope are considered an “exotic” in Texas and there’s no closed season on hunting exotics in Texas. Since blackbucks are up on their feet moving throughout the entire day, you will get multiple opportunities to harvest your trophy blackbuck.

Hunter with large blackbuck posing after successful blackbuck hunting Texas
Blackbuck Hunting Texas with Hunt Double Diamond

Depending on your experience level, we can either shoot using shooting sticks or from a blind. Experienced hunters will enjoy the thrill shooting off of shooting sticks after tracking the agile blackbucks cross country. For hunters with less experience or hunters who are not comfortable walking longer distances across rocky terrain, we can post up in a blind. We will wait there for the blackbucks to come to us and take a shot from a much more controlled environment. With a wide variety of hunting methods, I can accommodate a wide range of hunters. 

Blackbuck Hunting Price: Starting at $3500

Trophy Fee for Blackbuck Antelope:
$3500 – $5500 (varies by ranch)

Daily Fees for Blackbuck Antelope Hunt:
Deposit – $1000/Hunter

Make sure to read my FAQs before you book. It has all the details about my hunts.

Blackbuck Antelope running through tall dry grass

Included in all Blackbuck Antelope Hunts:

  • Meals
  • Lodging
  • Transportation around the ranch
  • Field care of your trophy

Not included in Blackbuck Antelope Hunts:

Additional services available for all Blackbuck Hunts:

  • Non-hunting guests – $100-$250/person/night depending on the ranch
  • Skinning & quartering of your trophy – $100/animal
  • Caping & freezing hide for transport home – $50/animal
  • Numerous other exotics species are typically available as well 
Large Trophy Blackbuck Hunt in Texas with Hunter
Trophy Blackbuck Hunting

Blackbuck Antelope Hunts – Animal Specifics:

Blackbuck Antelope are originally from the India, but were released in Texas, Kerr County, in 1932.  Since being introduced, blackbuck antelope have proliferated in Texas and have become the second most common exotic.  Out of all the exotics in Texas, axis deer are the only exotic to outnumber blackbuck antelope. 

Blackbuck are a member of the antelope family and are small in size. Male blackbuck antelopes stand about 29” and weigh about 85-90 pounds. Female blackbuck stand about 28” and weigh about 55-60 pounds.  Blackbuck have horns that spiral out from the head in a “V” shape and a trophy blackbuck is 18” + (straight line or straight tape), with a few exceptional blackbuck reaching 23”-25” (straight line or straight tape).  Blackbuck typically have 1-5 curls, or rings, with most trophies being 3-4 curls, or rings. 

Male blackbuck have a black, or dark brown, upper body with a white belly. Female blackbuck have a light-brown upper body with a white belly. It’s generally believed that blackbuck males turn black when they reach maturity. Some say blackbuck males turn brown on the back half of their body, and rump, to help reflect heat/sun in the summer and turn darker in the winter to absorb heat/sun. 

Large male blackbuck in Texas meadow
Beautiful Blackbuck in Texas

Blackbuck Hunting Texas:

Most of my blackbuck hunting is done with a combination of safari-style hunting and spot and stalk.  We drive around until we locate a nice blackbuck, and then try and stalk into position for a shot.  With a lot of my blackbuck antelope hunting occurring in the Fall/Winter months, when natural food sources are more scarce, I’ll also hunt out of blinds overlooking feeders or a natural food source. 

A typical day blackbuck hunting begins before daylight with a quick easy breakfast of coffee, fruit, pastries and breakfast bars. After breakfast, we load up in my Jeep and head out looking for blackbuck. I’m a big fan of letting my hunters look over numerous blackbuck antelope so they can get a good idea of which one they would like to go after. 

Young Hunter sitting next to dead blackbuck antelope after successful hunt
Texas Blackbuck Hunts

Since blackbuck are up moving all throughout the day we can hunt all day, but we typically head back to the lodge for a hearty brunch/lunch mid-day. Early in the afternoon, we’re back in the Jeep looking for more blackbuck until we find the trophy you’re after. Once we locate the blackbuck you’re after, we grab the shooting sticks and the stalk begins. After a full day of chasing blackbuck, we head back to the lodge for a great dinner hot off the grill and the chance to re-live the day’s events before heading to bed to do it all again the next day.

Blackbuck Hunting Packing List:

Please note that some of these links are affiliate links and I earn a small commission – at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products that I use myself and found to be useful.

You can hunt blackbuck antelope 12 months out of the year in Texas, so the weather will vary greatly throughout the course of the year.  If your blackbuck hunt is in the spring or summer it’s going to be warm/hot, so you will want clothes that breathe and are well ventilated and keep the sun off of you. If you’re hunting blackbuck in the fall & winter it’s going to be much colder and you are going to want to dress in layers so you can dress and undress as the temperature and activity levels dictate.

For my hunts in the late spring, summer, and early fall (Axis, Blackbuck, late-season Turkey, early-season Elk, etc) one of the products I’ve found to be extremely important is Sawyer Products Premium Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent.

We spend a lot of time walking/stalking through tall grass and with Sawyer Permethrin I don’t have to worry about getting chiggers or ticks on me.  You spray it on your clothing, and once it dries it’s odorless and colorless. Chiggers itch so bad that they can really ruin a hunt, but with Sawyer Permethrin you don’t have to worry.  I LOVE this product, and literally never leave home without it! 

Hunter sitting behind large Blackbuck antelope after hunting
Blackbuck Antelope Hunting at Night

Here’s my suggested packing list:

Also make sure to take a look at my recommended hunting gear list.

Blackbuck Hunting Texas Regions:

Blackbuck can be found in the Texas Hill Country, Edwards Plateau, and South Texas, but the majority of my blackbuck hunting occurs in the Hill Country, around Kerrville.  If you are flying in, San Antonio International Airport is the closest major airport and from there it’s typically about a 2-hour drive to any of my ranches.

Blackbuck are amazing animals and a great hunt for the experienced as well as novice hunter. Don’t wait too long, my Blackbuck Hunts in Texas fill up quickly and you should reserve your spot as soon as possible.

Some photos were taken by Adventure.Amy. Take a look at her Instagram account for more wildlife photos.

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