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Desert Mule Deer Hunting & Texas Elk

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to kill a desert mule deer and free range, “native” elk here in Texas.  Sounds easy enough for someone that lives in Texas and owns an outfitting company, right? Well it’s not anywhere as easy as it sounds and good desert mule deer country is extremely tough to find.  Add in free range, “native” elk and it’s almost impossible.  But after years of looking I’ve finally found the ranch where successful elk hunting and Desert Mule Deer hunting are not only possible but very probable.

Elk and Dessert Mule Deer Hunting at the Cerf Ranch

The name of the ranch is the Cerf Ranch and it’s 12,000 acres between Ft. Stockton and Sanderson.  When I was out there last week I saw 7 bull elk and about 40 mule deer and about 10 whitetail.  The Cerf is in the heart of the highest density of desert mule deer in Texas.  Throw in the elk and whitetail and you quickly get one of the premier hunting ranches in the state.  I will be offering desert mule deer, elk and whitetail hunts on the Cerf this fall.  The desert mule deer hunts are $4500, the elk are $5000 and any whitetail we see during your hunt can be harvested for $1500.  As with all of my hunts, these hunts are fully guided and include meals, lodging, and field care of your animals.  We will be staying on the ranch in a 3 bedroom house.  Hunters should expect to harvest desert mule deer scoring 150-180″, Texas elk scoring 300-350″ and Whitetail scoring 120-150″. Elk and Desert mule deer hunting is more challenging than hunting whitetail, so get to the range and be prepared before you head to the Cerf.

Elk and Desert Mule Deer Hunting Season

We can legally hunt elk year around in Texas but will start our hunts, both rifle and/or archery hunts, in September during the bugling season.  The desert mule deer hunting season is regulated by TPWD and runs from November 26th – December 12th.

If you or anyone you know is interested in desert mule deer hunting and or elk in Texas please let me know.  This is a great opportunity and a great ranch and I’m very happy to be able to offer hunts on the Cerf.  It took many years to find a good desert mule deer and elk ranch, but it was well worth the wait!!! I can’t wait until September!! Are you ready too? Then fill out this form and I will get in touch with you in the next 24 hours to discuss your hunting trip!

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