Double Diamond Outfitters Testimonials

Making my customers happy and giving them a hunt that they will never forget is something that has highest priority for me and my business. Here are some of my Double Diamond Outfitters Testimonials from previous clients.

Wes Bewley – Testimonial:

“Just got back from hunting with Wes Mundy at Double Diamond Outfitters and thought i’d share my experience for anyone out there thinking about doing a hunt.

First off, Wes is a hilarious guy in a Billy Bob Thornton dry sense of humor kind of way. He comes by it naturally and i was in stitches the whole time. The accommodations were World-Class and the property we hunted was loaded with animals.

Mundy is one of the few guys i know who guides full-time for a living. It’s all he thinks about, he lives it, and he breathes it. 24/7 he’s thinking about his clients and putting them on animals. His commitment to his craft was impressive.

Before i even got my boots on first thing in the morning there was a 170’s class Axis 200 yards away. 5 mins later we came around a corner and saw another absolute monster.

I had never been axis hunting before so being that these were the first 2 right out of the gate of course i didn’t pursue them. (note: when your guide gets excited about an axis you probably want to just pull out your weapon of choice and pursue that animal)

I had a total of about 15 opportunities at excellent bulls on DAY 1 and right before dusk i found this bull with 3 others in a meadow.

Excellent hunt and a great outfitter. ALSO… the food was delicious. Here’s 90 sec video and i would encourage anyone to book a hunt with him.”

I wanted to take the time to drop you a note and thank you for a great Axis hunt.  I have hunted with quite a few outfitters in Texas and hunting with you ranks with the best.  It is not easy to find the trifecta of a great guide on great properties and harvest a record class animal.  It is apparent you put in the time to find the right properties and then the time to scout the property to give your hunters the best chances at a trophy anyone would be proud to put on the wall.
I look forward to hunting with you again!
James S.

Good times, Great hunt, and a really BIG BISON BULL!!

Dwight R.

Without a doubt one of my favorite hunts to date! Everything from the terrain & the views, down to the cooking, Wes has the best free range aoudad hunting out there.  No reason to look anywhere else.  From day 1 I saw huge groups of aoudad blanketing the Ft. Davis Mountains, so I knew we were going to be successful, but never did I think I would be harvesting the largest aoudad of my life. A huge thanks to the Double Diamond Outfitters crew & Wes Mundy for the hunt of a lifetime!!

Clint W.

Co-Host, Lonestar Outdoors TV

Hunting with Wes, of Double Diamond Outfitters, was a good experience from the booking through the end of the hunt.  My son and I hunted free ranging Aoudad Sheep and although Wes never promised success, thanks to his ability and knowledge of these animals…we took 2 trophy rams.  Wes guided well, the accommodations were good, and he personally cooked us several great meals.  We are still in contact with Wes and hope to go on another hunting adventure with him in the future.

Randy G.

Owner, Roth Contracting

The best value in free range sheep hunting today! The hunt, quality, quantity and accommodations were as represented.  Yes, I would recommend this outfitter and hunt.

Mitch B.

Wes is a thorough guide.  He had plenty of pictures and the deer patterned before the hunt. No need to run to town.  Wes had it all covered. Food was great, he and Jacob, his guide, were really great hosts, and after the kill he took plenty of pictures to preserve the moment.  Nothing short.  Wes takes his time and plans ahead, so there’s no need to rush.  Well done!


Having been on my fair share of mountain hunts I was surprised, delighted, to find how right you were that Texas would provide just as challenging a hunt as I could imagine.  Free range aoudad is undoubtedly underrated and as noble a game animal as any other.  Your dedication to preserving a traditional hunting experience, along with the natural beauty of Texas, are worth experiencing.

Angelo B.

Owner, Full Circle Outdoors - Legacy

The year of 2013, Wes Mundy, of Double Diamond Outfitters, allowed me to experience a hunt of a lifetime!  Wes guided me to a 30+” Aoudad I took. I couldn’t have asked for a better Aoudad, it’s a trophy.  Wes is a great guide as well as a cook. Very personal and treats his customers right. One thing I learned from him was to never touch his Dr. Pepper, he said in a sarcastic manner.  He sure does love those.

Caleb G.

All Around Guy

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