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Famous Coyote – Welcome to the Showbiz

Last week I got a phone call from a TV producer that was in South Texas filming a show for the Animal Planet, not a Soon to be Famous Coyote hunting show more of a reality show, and he was having a tough time getting a coyote on film and he was wondering if there was anything I could do to help.  They had been hunting with a certain south Texas “outfitter”, yes I use that term very loosly with this particular person, for 8 days and had yet to get a coyote on film.  They were down to their last day or 2 of filming and were scrambling to get a coyote on film and the producers in LA were starting to panic.  After harassing him for not making the show about me and for not calling me sooner, I told him I could probably get him a coyote but since I wasn’t involved with the show he didn’t want to hunt with me.  My only other option was to get him a coyote that was already mounted and let him use the magic of television to make it work.  I was about half joking, but he got all excited and was all for it.  It didn’t take long to find him a coyote and the rest was up to him.

Famous Coyote on the prowlThe vicious, soon to be famous coyote bungeed to the seat and heading to his 15 minutes of fame….

Quick, there’s a coyote.  Shoot him!!

Hmmm.  That dead coyote just got up and walked away…..on 2 legs….doh

Famous Coyote's 15 minutes of fame are over already

I’m sure all businesses get strange phone calls, but it seems like being in the outfitting business I get more than my fair share of strange phone calls.  I’m not complaining.  I love my job and really enjoy taking people hunting and talking hunting with people so I’m happy to help anytime I can.  I have to admit that this call definitely ranks up there in the unusual requests though!!

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