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Hunting Axis Deer in the Texas Summer Heat

Summer is probably the best time of the year for hunting axis deer in Texas.  That’s when the majority of the bucks are hard antlered.  The only bad part about hunting axis deer in Texas in the summer is that it can be pretty hot, especially in South Texas.  If you can brave the heat though, you are in for some great hunting to get you ready for the upcoming whitetail season.

Hunting Axis Deer – Get ’em started young

Hunting Axis Deer in TexasAs we were scouting for whitetail late this last summer we kept seeing some axis deer at 1 particular stand.  Since axis deer, as well as most other exotics, will out compete whitetail we try and shoot them whenever they show up. Despite the heat, 9 year old Evan was interested in hunting axis deer and he was sitting with his dad, John, in this particular stand when some axis showed up.  Evan, has been hunting whitetail, hogs, javelina and turkey with his dad for the last few years but he had never killed an axis deer.  That all changed late in August of this year.  The 1st evening when this buck came in it didn’t give them a shot, but the next evening it was a different story and this buck came in to the feeder and Evan made a perfect shot with his 7-08!!  Congrats Evan!  I know it was hot up in that blind, but I know how excited about hunting axis deer you’ve been and you toughed it out.  You made a great shot and that’s a great first axis buck…plus some great eating!!

Interested in hunting axis deer? Check out my axis deer hunting page and if you have any more questions, contact me at wes@hdd-test.mystagingwebsite.com or call me at 210-602-3118.

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