Hunting in Texas


The hunting in Texas is some of the best in the country, if not the world.  Texas has long been known as a premier destination for whitetail hunts, but with almost 70 different species of exotics available, the hunting in Texas never stops!

Over my 15 years of hunting professionally, I’ve been fortunate enough to acquire some of the best ranches in the state, as well as 500,000 pristine acres in the Sierra Del Carmen’s just South of Big Bend in Coahuila Mexico, and can tailor your hunt to your specific wants/desires.

Whether you’re looking to hunt the famous Brush County of South Texas for big native whitetail, chase turkeys or exotics in the Texas Hill Country, or hunt big free-range aoudad, bison, elk (yes there are free-range elk in Texas…big elk) mule deer or pronghorn in West Texas I’ve got the country and can put together the adventure of a lifetime for your or your family/group. With lengthy seasons for native game animals, no closed season on exotics, abundant game, and over the counter licenses, it’s tough to beat the hunting in Texas!


What’s required to go hunting in Texas?

A valid Texas hunting license is required to hunt any animal(s) in Texas.

My standard contract and “RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT” must also be signed prior to your hunt.


Before you book, take a look at my FAQs here.

How do I book my hunt?

To book a hunt with me it’s pretty simple. Just call me on my cell (210.602.3118), or email me ( Once we decide on dates for your hunt, and I receive your deposit, I’ll send you my standard contract and release via DocuSign (for my international clients we will discuss payment methods when you call to book your hunt). You will sign and date the contract electronically and DocuSign will send me a copy of your contract to execute. Once I’ve signed your contract you will receive an executed contract, for you to print for your records, via email.  

Final payment:

All final payments of trophy fees or the balance due for your hunt are to be paid via Venmo, PayPal, cash, cashier check or money order. Personal checks will not be accepted for final payment(s).

If you would like more information about hunting in Texas, or Mexico, contact me here.

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Hunting in Texas – Prices


Management Deer To Be Decided By Guide. No Set Number Of Points Or B&C Score

Management Hunt: $3500

140 1/8″ to 149 7/8″ B&C: $4500

150 to 159 7/8″ B&C: $5500

160 to 164 7/8 B&C: $6500

165 to 169 7/8″ B&C: $7500

170″ + B&C: Call For Pricing

Click here to read all about Whitetail Hunts


Rio Grande Turkey:(2 Birds): $1300+

Trophy Free Range Buffalo: $6000

Meat Bison: Call For Pricing

Pronghorn: $4500

Texas Desert Mule Deer: $7000

Texas Desert Bighorn: Call For Pricing


All animals below can be hunted year round U.N.O.

Axis Deer: $2500+ (best  May – August)

Addax: $5500

Blackbuck Antelope: $2500+

Black Hawaiian Sheep: $1500

Blue Wildebeest: $5500

Catalina Goat: $1500

Common Eland: $7500

Corsican Sheep: $1500

Fallow Deer: $3250+ (September – February)

Jacobs 4 Horned Sheep: $2000

Japanese Sika Deer: $2500 (September – February)

Kudu: $12500+

Mouflon: $3000+

Red Sheep: $3750

Red Stag: $4500+ (September – February)

Scimitar Horned Oryx: $4500

Zebra: $5000

Prices subject to change without notice.

Call for availability of other animals.

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