Hunting Videos

Deer Hunting Videos:

Texas whitetail hunt during the rut in South Texas with the Primal Instinct TV crew. After we get the whitetail on the ground we do a spot and stalk on a couple of nice javelina. Check it out!

Aoudad Hunting Videos:

Hunt Double Diamond Outfitters offers Free Range Aoudad Hunts in the Glass, Davis, Chinati & Sierra Vieja Mountains of West Texas.

I was out scouting for aoudad & found this huge herd of about 100-120 sheep. I didn’t have a hunter with me, so I just started videoing. I apologize for the shaky video, but hopefully you get the idea.

Bison Hunt Videos:

Free range bison hunt in West Texas. I’ve got several ranches out in West Texas that have some monster bison bulls and this bull that Margaret shot is no exception.

Another successful West Texas Free Range Bison Hunt with Double Diamond Outfitters!
Here’s another bison hunt we did recently out in West Texas with Double Diamond Outfitters. Another huge bull and very happy hunter!!
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