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Turkey Hunting Season – You’re Never Too Old To Start Hunting

Turkey hunting season is in full swing here in Texas! Last week Trueman came down from Indiana for his 1st ever hunt, a South Texas spring turkey hunt.  I really enjoy Turkey Hunting Season in Texashaving 1st time hunters and Trueman was no exception.  Since Trueman was a 1st time turkey hunter I asked a friend, and my best turkey guide, Billy to come help call to make sure that Trueman went back to Indiana with 2 nice Rio Grande Turkey’s.

Turkey Hunting Season – First one down!

Before the sun came up Monday morning we made our way to within 200 yards of one of the turkey roosts and started softly calling to the turkeys in the roost.  Despite our best efforts, when the turkeys flew down from the roost they flew away from us and kept following the hens away from us.  As the sun came up, so did the wind and by early morning the wind was easily 20 mph which made it very difficult to hear any turkeys gobbling.  After taking a short break for lunch we headed to another location on the ranch where we had been seeing turkeys strutting and got lucky enough to find 2 hens and 2 toms.  Despite our best calling we couldn’t pull the toms away from the hens and were getting ready to leave when we noticed a lone tom that had snuck in behind us.  He put on quite a show for us but stayed just out of range and then a lone hen came in and pulled him away from us.  Once again we were about to call it quits when Billy was able to call the tom away from the hen, he came in and Trueman made a perfect shot and had his 1st Rio Grande Turkey on his 1st ever hunt.

Turkey Hunting Season Texas

Turkey Hunting Season – 2 birds in 2 days

Tuesday morning we started out at another turkey roost, but once again the toms followed the hens away from us once they hit the ground.  Since the turkeys were still in the area we didn’t go far, but it took us a few hours to find them and get in position.  After getting in position, Billy started calling and again Trueman made a perfect shot to collect his 2nd Rio Grande Turkey in as many days.

Like I mentioned, 1st time hunters are a blast and I really appreciate Trueman making the long drive from Indiana to South Texas to hunt with us.  We had a great time and Trueman went back with 2 great turkeys.  His 1st bird had a 9-1/4″ beard and 1″ spurs and his 2nd bird had a 9-1/2″ beard and 1-1/8″ spurs.  Not bad for a 70 year young, 1st time hunter!?!?

Are you ready to take advantage of this year’s Turkey Hunting Season? Click here to learn more about my Turkey Hunts or call me directly at 210-602-3118 and we’ll chat.

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