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Whitetail Deer Hunting Season Off To A Good Start!

After wrapping up pronghorn season it was time to start whitetail deer hunting season.  In Texas, a good protion of the ranches have Managed Land Deer Permits (MLDP or MLD for short) which allow us to start rifle hunting at the beginning of October, giving them a good head start on Whitetail Deer Hunting Season.  With a lot of the ranches starting whitetail deer hunting season the week I was hunting pronghorn, I knew there were some really big deer killed already.  My buddy, James Newport, shot a monster whitetail with his bow opening day that grossed 202″ and will net right around 196″.  That’s a net Boone and Crockett Non-Typical with a bow!!!  On that same ranch on the same hunt, another hunter shot a whitetail that grossed 230″ non-typical!!! Two book non-typical deer, during the worst drought in recorded history, on the same ranch on the same day!! Very impressive!!

White Tail Deer Hunting Season – Killing a monster deer

Mike's Whitetail - Whitetail Deer Hunting SeasonMike was coming in from NC and for the last year we had been planning on bowhunting a big deer during the early part of whitetail deer hunting season in Texas.  We finally decided on hunting the second week of October and we were targeting a mid to high 170s” buck with a droptine.  I was a little nervous that this buck was going to break his droptine when rubbing off his velvet, but he was still going to be a monster buck either way.  The first couple of days were pretty slow with Mike only harvesting a couple of hogs, but we had some very close calls with a couple of other bucks that were on our hit list.  The 3rd morning we broke the ice with Mike harvesting a 132″ management buck and that’s all it took.  As the light was fading fast, the big whitetail we were hunting stepped into view from the ground blind’s window.  After a couple of very nervous minutes, the big deer finally presented a quartering away shot but he was walking a wouldn’t stop.  We grunted at the big deer and he stopped for just a couple of seconds, but that was all the time Mike needed.  Mike made a great quartering away shot and the buck only ran about 40 yards. When I saw his antlers sticking above the grass I knew we really had killed a monster.  After hunting the next morning, and Mike missing another management deer on our hit list with his recurve, I took the buck to Pearsall to be entered into the Los Cazadores Deer Contest.  They scored the buck at 179″ w/o the 4-5″ droptine he had broken off!! We hunted for another 1.5 days and Mike connected with 2 more deer and another hog.

The final tally was 4 deer and 5 hogs in 4.5 days with Mike taking 2 of the bucks and 3 of the hogs with his recurve.  The big deer currently sits 2nd in the High Fence – Archery Division of Los Cazadores.  We still have over 2 months of whitetail deer hunting season to go, but we are definitely off to a good start!! If you want to go get your own whitetail deer and go hunting with me this whitetail deer hunting season in Texas, read more here.

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